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This page contains various lecture notes and visual aids that I use in the Planning Law course. Some pages are scanned in directly while others are in the original HTML format; therefore, the quality of some of the pages may be low. Some materials are scanned into Adobe Exchange and may contain misspellings and typos because they cannot be spell checked or changed once scanned. I have not indexed or ordered the notes - except by lecture numbers keyed to the syllabus.

Lecture 1 - Session Overview

Visual - 14th Amendment (3)
Visual -
5th Amendment (2)
Visual -
1st Amendment (1)

Notes - Contracts (8)
Visual -
Engel v Catucci (7)
Notes -
Land Use Economics and Terms
Visual -
Rights in Land Ownership (5)
Notes -
Theories of Land Ownership (4)

Visual - Principles of Zoning Litigation - A (9)
Visual - Principles of Zoning Litigation B (10)
Visual - Euclidian Zoning Pyramid (11)
Visual - Basic Property Law (6)

Notes - Case Citation
Visual - U.S. Courts

Notes- Lochner v State of New York
Visual - Lochner v State of New York [teaching guide]
Map - Ambler v Euclid
Notes - Ambler v Euclid Overview
Notes - Gorieb v Fox Overview

Notes - History of Zoning to Gorieb

Notes - Common Law Nuisance Explanation (British)
Statute- Wyoming Right to Farm/Ranch Statute
Visual - American Law of Nuisance
Visual - Site map of Powell v Taylor
Map - Site map of Nicholson v Conn. Halfway House
Map - Site map of Travis v Moore
Notes - Travis v Moore
Map - Site map of Spur Industries
Map - Site map of Spur [Large Scale - 1965]
Map - Site map of Bove and Notes
Map - Another site map of Bove with Notes
Article - Iowa Hog-Farm Case/News Commentary

Lecture 2
Visual - History of Takings Issue
Visual - Support Estate in Penn Coal Case
Visual - Scale of Takings
Notes -
Penn. Central Trans. visual and teaching notes
Article -
Shortlidge et al on Takings and Impact Fees
Visual - First Lutheran and Nolan
Visual -
First Lutheran Picture
Map -
Location map for Lucas v So. Carolina Coastal Comm
Notes - Lucas v So. Carolina Coastal Commission
Visual - Establishment Clause/Free Exercise
Visual - Religious Regulation Tests
Map -
Nollan Beach Case map
Notes - Nollan v Calif Coastal Comm.
Visual -
Doland Picture
Notes -
Dolan v Tigard
Notes - Dolan v Tigard II
Map -
Del Monte Dunes at Monteray site
Visual -
Takings Summary
Visual -
Section 1983 - 42 USC

Visual - Sex and the City (ppt)
Notes - General Speech Exceptions - html
Notes -
O'Brien Test
Notes -
Barnes v Glen Theatre
Visual -
American Mini-Theatres
Visual -
Obscenity Issues
Visual -
Obscenity Definitions
Notes - Cleburne Living Center Notes
Notes - The Lemon Test
Notes -
The Establishment - Free Exercise Clause

Notes -
Instructor Lecture Notes on Fair Housing
Article -
J. Petrila on Fair Housing Act Enforcement
Notes -
Instructor Lecture on Fair Housing Requirements

Visual - Due Process 1
Visual -
Due Process 2
Map - Site map of Belle Terre New York -
closer detail
Notes -
Arkenburg v Topeka
Map -
Arkenburg Site Map
Visual -
Damurjian Site 1
Visual - Damurjian Site 2 projected
Notes - Fasano v Bd. of County Comm./Washington Co.
Notes - Landau v Overland Park with Maps
Notes - Vested Rights

Lecture 3

Handout - Estopple and Laches
Visual -
Bird-Kendall Homeowners Assoc.
Notes on
Aesthetics and Sign Control History
Visual - Sign Regulation and Control - Clutter [1] [2] [3]
Visual -
Nature of Zoning Action 1
Visual -
Nature of Zoning Action 2
Map - Landau v Overland Park
Notes -
Growth Management Programs
Map -
Ramapo Twsp
Visual -
Berman v Parker Notes
Visual - Ruth Golden et al v Ramapo
Visual -
Schneck v Village of Hudson
Visual - MetroMedia v San Deigo
Notes - Bormann and McGuire v Kossuth Co. Commissioners
Notes -
Manookian v Blaine County

Lecture 4

Notes -
Instruments of Relief
Visual - Basic Variance
Notes - Otto v Steinhibler
Notes -
Amoco Oil
Notes - Comprehensive Plan
Visual -
Palatine Nat. Bank Map
Case -
Plan Compliance Example - Larimer County

Visual -
Outline Drawing from Otto v Steinhibler
Notes -
Cyclone Special Use Standards
Visual - Map of Sanchez v New Orleans
Notes - Baxter v City of Preston

Lecture 5
Notes - Planned Unit Development Concepts
Notes - Cheney v Village II and New Hope- PUD
Visual - PUD Layout
Video - The Process of Subdivision Development - Powerpoint
Notes -
Subdivision Process
Visual -
Plat Terminology
Visual -
Street Layout
Visual - Mansfield v Swett - graphic
Notes - Mansfield v Swett - case
Case  - Palm Beach County - Impact Fees
Visual -
Site Map of Rohn v Visilia
Visual -
Cluster Development Neighborhood
Visual -
Cluster Development Graphic
Visual -
Bonding and Special Obligations
Visual -
Nature of Exactions
Visual -
Nature of Impact Fees 1
Visual - Nature of Impact Fees 2
Notes - Robinson v Boulder - Utility Lines

Lecture 6
Notes -
National Land & Investing Company
Brief -
National Land & Investing Company

Notes - Burlington Co. NAACP - Mt. Laurel
Notes -
Britton v Town of Chester
Visual -
Methods of Racial & Indirect Discrimination
Notes -
Appeal of Girsh
Visual -
Sources for Protection from Discrimination
Visual -
Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act of 1871
Article -
Government Liability under Section 1983
Visual -
Map of Village of Surrick
Notes -
Newsclip from Blackjack, MO
Visual -
Drawing of Dailey v Lawton
Notes -
Dailey v Lawton
Notes -
Buchanan v Warley

Lecture 7

Document - Example Restrictive Covenants
Notes - Private Land Use Arrangements - Criteria
Case example - Cottrell v Nurmberger
Case example -
In Re Davies